Author: Ruby Wade

Immersive Experiences: Changing (and extending) Our World

Last month I spent some time with more than 150,000 people from 140 countries at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. There were over 3,600 exhibitors spread out across several venues. I had the privilege to see and speak with many of them. As I drove back home through the California desert, and in the weeks since, I’ve reflected on some of the things I experienced. To name just a few that are top of mind as I write this post: I drove a remote control car with just my thoughts I controlled a computer just by looking at where I…

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The Digitization of Everything: Wearables Rising

Since the early days of computing, ever shrinking computers have been on a collision course towards human integration. The distinction between what is physical and digital continues to dissolve. Early stage prototypes are already allowing neurological signals to manipulate the physical world directly via the integration of molecular and atomic level components. Think it and it simply happens. The implications are profound. Not only are people and things being connected to the Internet, but previous “networks of one” are being splintered into their own thriving digital ecosystems. This pattern, started long ago, continues to propagate. To make this a bit more tangible, consider the…

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A roadmap for transition

There is general consensus in this part of the world that the modern enterprise is a broken structure. Dissatisfaction with employment runs high, even at a time when it is difficult for many to find a full-time job. Just one, of many, examples is a 2013 Gallup Report that shows that 70 percent of workers are disengaged from their work. The network era scares or confuses many people in positions of influence in large organizations. Having conversations about transparent processes and networked people actually working together to produce business value is like speaking a foreign language in most cases. Grant McCracken says that from…

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5 Ways The Sports Marketing Industry Is About To Change Forever

“Crazy, crazy, these people are crazy. South By Southwest is crazy. A crazy, crazy conference made crazy, by crazy people.” That line still sticks because of the eight crazies. It was yelled across the room by an important sports agent, an uptight, uptight, uptight woman. A tight-lipped, tiger-tongued diva with black, square rimmed glasses. She was reacting to the carnival of attractions courtesy of all the clever advertising agencies with their clever ideas and clever means of displaying them. Nothing was left unbranded, nothing untouched, nothing sacred. For her, South By SouthWest (SXSW) is the physical manifestation of everything we dislike online. Intrusive…

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Millennials in the Workplace, Are They Really That Scary?

                You’ve heard of millennials right? Those weird looking new people that are starting to enter our organizations? Countless articles have already been written about them but the tone seems to be one of “freaking out.” Millennials are being painted as these type of far-off aliens who are going to be inhabiting our world and changing everything. So, let me assure you that there is no need to panic. Yes, it’s true, millennials will be the majority of the workforce in the next few years and yes, this does mean introducing new attitudes…

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Big Data and Rise of Predictive Analytics

Back in mid 1990s, when I was a Ph.D. student,  one of the professors asked me what my career goal was and I said: “To help clients serve their customers better through use of Information Technology and Analytics“. After completing my Ph.D. in November of 1998, when the IT revolution in Enterprise Solutions was about to take off and large and medium companies had started investing in ERP or CRM systems in a major way, I thought it was just a matter of time before Predictive Analytics goes main stream. Back then, Siebel ’98 and Vantive were the ‘hottest‘ new tools in the market…

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Big Data in the Retail Industry

Here’s a great data visualization on Big Data in retail industry. Also, a FT video on the subject: Source: Monetate Marketing Infographics   Source: Tagged: none Originally posted in: ABOUT THE AUTHOR > Harish Kotadia  Dr. Harish Kotadia has about ten years’ work experience as a hands-on CRM Program and Project Manager implementing CRM solutions for Fortune 500 clients in the US. He also has about five years’ work experience as a Research Executive in Marketing Research and Consulting industry working for leading MR organizations. Dr. Harish currently lives in Dallas, Texas, USA and works as Social CRM, CRM Consulting…

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Social Neuroscience, SCARF Model and Change Management

  I have been quite intrigued by the intersection of neurosciences and management / leadership lately. It all started on the Organizations Change Practitioners community on LinkedIn. No disrespect for the other groups I’ve joined, but it probably is the one I find the most inspiring amongst the groups I’ve joined. Luc Galoppin, Bill Braun and Jennifer Frahm are making a fantastic job moderating it. Jen twitted this article about Neuroscience and Change Management that got my attention. A link leading to another, I’ve ended up discovering the SCARF model by David Rock and this has opened my eyes to the topic. I have also been reading and viewing other related materials….

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When our Neurons are Connected to the Net

Not too long ago, I was having a casual but meaningful digital conversation with a couple of gentlemen that I respect. They both have large networks, good street cred, and active digital profiles. I asked the question: “Who are the top 3 people you respect in “the space”? The response from one was thoughtful and quick. 3 names with brief reasons why.  I benefited as relational capital and intelligence were quickly transferred. It was one interaction in a regular stream of sharing between us. I quickly found each of the mentioned names online.  None of them have high digital influence scores,…

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Learning from New Orleans: Microsoft’s opportunity for the future

New Orleans Storm by Deborah Hurd It takes nearly 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other of the over 1,000,000+ square foot Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.  The conference center provided a fitting metaphor for both the breadth of Microsoft’s offerings and  the distance that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has covered over the past two years. Walking through the French Quarter, and through the halls of the convention center during Microsoft’s 2013 Convergence conference, I had the ability to listen, observe, and have conversations with Microsoft executives, customers, partners, and prospects about what they’re working on and what they’re looking…

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