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Storify by Brian Vellmure Fri, Feb 14 2014 16:36:50 This week’s best content: February 10 through 14, 2014 This week brought us some good thoughts by Brandon Horowitz on why mission driven organizations outperform, Fast Companies’ "Most Innovative Companies in 2014", and some thoughts on why Lithium acquiring Klout might possibly make sense. Add to… Read More»

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Earlier this week, I had a conversation with several members of one the world’s most recognizable technology companies. During the conversation, I mentioned Klout, Little Bird, and Lithium, among several other companies doing interesting things on the fringes of mainstream corporate technology adoption. Why? Because the topics of influence and community and digital networks are… ... Read the article

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logo-linkedinTo those that are beginning to utilize LinkedIn like Facebook, my apologies in advance, but I’ve been removing you from my network list.

To me, LinkedIn is a professional network / contact management arena and if you are using it to supply graphics of “what word do you see first” or “enter your email in the comment box and your direct contact list will grow by 100x”, well … you’ve lost the plot on the importance of what a business network is all about.




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For the past couple of years I've focused more on marketing and customer service than on sales, but last Fall, Salesforce asked me to put together a presentation on the future of sales for Dreamforce. Just like the other 2 functions, sales is also feeling the pressure of change driven by the 3rd platform technologies and the general shift to the networked economy. In fact I think sales will be one of the centers of disruption going forward as more organizations start to realize that what has worked in the past is not working today, or at least not working as effectively as desired.
The Information Age is here, and it's creating social, technological and economic change. Out of the Internet and it's subsequent connectedness came the "consumerization" trend that saw a shift in the source of innovation (from the consumer into the... Read the article
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The digitization of everything is disrupting marketing and changing the face of commerce. Organizations are having to change the way they operate, and that’s causing roles in the C-suite to evolve.

The digitization of everything is doing three primary things:

  • Increasing the speed and access for everyone to find and interact with relevant people, information, and products/services.
  • Creating a fast-paced, never-ending game of “survival of the fittest” among corporations.
  • Moving more of the customer journey into digital channels.

These three factors are forcing organizations to focus on being found among an ever growing sea of competitors – and also on responding in context to their audience with something that resonates..

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Hello and a happy Friday to you. Please find the best articles from the past week. Please feel free to share and comment. To your success, Brian Storify by Brian Vellmure Fri, Jan 24 2014 12:14:02 This weeks best – Jan 19 thru 24 Hello and a happy Friday to you. Please find the best… Read More»

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Yes. You are in a race to compete and win. It’s exhilarating. The “landscape” is changing quickly. Your map may not even be big enough to understand what landscape you’re even on. RT @levie: The future will confuse lots of companies: 1 day you make home appliances, the next day you're competing against a search… Read More»

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I love the game of football. I’ve referenced parallels and correlations between football and business here and here and here, to name a few. Two of my primary areas of expertise are the “Digitization of Everything” and “Customer Experience”, so it’s little wonder that yesterday’s announcement that Extreme Networks was going to be providing wi-fi… ... Read the article

If you’re located in parts of North America where it’s been too cold to even blink your eyes lately, you may not have seen the news.

Holacracy is the new black.


In a nutshell, Holacracy is an organizational structure — initially devised by self-described “recovering CEO” Brian Robertson of HolacracyOne — that purports to do the following:

Holacracy is a distributed authority system – a set of “rules of the game” that bake empowerment into the core of the organization. Unlike conventional top-down or progressive bottom-up approaches, it integrates the benefits of both without relying on parental heroic leaders. Everyone becomes a leader of their roles and a follower of others’, processing tensions with real authority and real responsibility, through dynamic governance and transparent operations.

In a nutshell? Holacracy is a way to operate without the classic ‘command and control’ dogma found in many of today’s organizations...

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“The greatest form of philanthropy is an investment in an entrepreneur”

I first heard of Tiger 21 during a conversation with Miami Chapter Chair Charlie Garcia about the future of social networking and influence. This was no ordinary group, with an average net worth of $75 Million the 220 strong membership has the purchasing power of a small country.

So when I attended my first Tiger 21 meeting in Miami (there are 12 locations around North America), I was expecting a group of Gordon Geckos but instead met a bunch of good natured, fun, regular people – a mix you’d find in any social situation. And from what I observed, their unofficial motto seems to be: “Don’t confuse wealth with success. An inherited fortune is one; Elon Musk is the other.” One thing was different however, each had the stoic look of money, not the I’m better than you look, but the comfortable look of a wealth steward..... Read the article