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The world is being connected; People, roads, railroads, appliances, cars, televisions, light bulbs, clothing, shoes, city streets, and just about everything else is “joining” the internet. Possibilities expand exponentially as things join a network. Inputs and outputs increase. At some point, the noise… the potential connections… the models become overwhelmingly complex. ... Read the article

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Somewhere in between the fast moving pace of innovative startups and the household names of the Fortune 1000 live the companies that generate over $10 trillion in revenue and employ more than 1/3 of all workers in the United States. The data and impact of these organizations are similar in Europe. Welcome to the Mid… Read More»

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In 1959, a physicist named Richard Fyenman took the stage at CalTech for the annual meeting of the American Physical Society. A short bit into his presentation, he asked a transformative question. “Why cannot we write the entire 24 volumes of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica on the head of a pin?” He theorized that making things… Read More»

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Faces down. Palms up. Mesmerized Stare. It’s the position of humans at stoplights; In elevators; In lines; Just about everywhere and anytime that they’re not engaged fully and directly with someone or something else. Even when they folks are watching one screen, they’re increasingly using their mobile devices. For many, our mobile phones have become… Read More»

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You or someone you know have undoubtedly experienced a visit to the hospital for chest pain, the birth of a baby, a severe headache, or some other unfortunate event. At some point during your visit, you’ve been hooked up to sensors, where your vitals were monitored to try and detect problems that may be occurring… Read More»

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If you follow this blog at all, you know that I work tirelessly trying to piece together tomorrow’s technology with the challenges of today to help organizations grow; by creating new value propositions and better customer experiences. The world we live in is being re-architected into an increasingly understandable collection of atoms, bits, and pixels.… Read More»

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A couple of recent headlines caught my attention. From Quartz: From Re/code: I imagine myself sitting there in 2004, given a sneak peek at the future, and contemplating these headlines. I would immediately be puzzled. Why is a coffee company and a footwear company talking about revenue related to technology? What happened? What’s happened is… Read More»

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Speed Kills. These words are most often attributed to the late, great owner of the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis. The game of football has evolved over the past 50 years to embrace this reality. In the 50s and 60s, football was a gladiator sport; full of grinding and pounding. Players were big and bulky. Many… Read More»

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Welcome to Major League Baseball’s Opening Day 2014! You don’t care, but I root for two teams: The Dodgers, and the Angels (except when they’re playing the Dodgers). There are not too many baseball related things better than Vin Scully’s (now broadcasting for his 64th year!) silky smooth voice, sharing from a well of legendary… Read More»

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The cabbie welcomed me and we started on our way to Dulles. The snow had been falling for hours, and his impression was that people would be trying to beat the weather. I was indeed leaving a bit early to make sure to catch my flight back to the West Coast. The email I received… Read More»

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