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Author: Brian Vellmure Category: Posted: June 30, 2012 931 views _ Comments

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – BILL GATES

The statement by Gates underscores the importance of clearly defining your vision, business model, and process(es) before implementing technology to try and remedy the ills of your organization. But the ironic reality is that technology advancements are moving so fast that organizations are being forced to fight on numerous fronts at the same time; increased competition, loss of brand control, new communication channels, much of which is being enabled by and executed on employee and customer owned devices...  Read the article
Author: Michael Fauscette Category: none Posted: June 26, 2012 1001 views _ Comments

The much anticipated and highly rumored announcement finally hit the wires today. One of the biggest questions was where would the company reside in the Microsoft organization, a question that was also answered today, the Microsoft Office Division under Division President Kurt DelBene. Yammer will continue to be lead by founder / CEO David Sacks and will continue to be housed in its current San Francisco location. According to Microsoft the integration will be handled in a similar way to the Skype acquisition, with a notable exception that Skype is its own division.

On the press and analysts call this afternoon a few details did come out, although of course it's still early to really get a detailed picture of the level of... Read the article
Author: Esko Kilpi Category: Posted: June 26, 2012 971 views _ Comments

It is often said that the transformation to become a social business means enabling activities like transparent action and cooperation instead of the competitive individualism we are so used to.

Management buy-in is also seen as a challenge that needs to be tackled. But can it be that the real challenge is not the ROI of the new tools or learning new ways of doing things, but acknowledging that there is a need for rethinking what management is and refreshing the theories it is built on .

The way business thinking sees the self and its relationships is based on the Cartesian philosophy; I think, therefore I am. Everything in management and thus also in mainstream social business takes place from the first-person point of view.

This Cartesian isolation was strengthened in Newton’s...  Read the article
Author: Harold Jarche Category: Posted: June 25, 2012 1020 views _ Comments

What’s working in social business in 2012? This is the question that CMSWire asked me to write about. In my opinion, technology sales, marketing campaigns and the speakers circuits are doing well. Implementation and organizational change are lagging far behind.

Like the knowledge management and e-learning hype phases of the 90′s and ’00′s respectively, social business is being led by software vendors. Some are even the same vendors that MIT’s Peter Senge said co-opted the field of knowledge management. I watched as e-learning moved from hope for ubiquitous learning, to the overproduction of self-paced online courses, also known as “shovelware.”

My focus on social business stems from a background in training, knowledge management, performance improvement and social learning. I have learned that the hard work comes after the software has been installed and the initial training sessions are over. Then comes the question, what do we do now? ...

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Author: Brian Vellmure Category: Posted: June 17, 2012 1051 views _ Comments
Earlier this week, Tech America hosted the 19th annual Orange County High Tech Innovation Awards.
The High-Tech Innovation Awards “recognizes outstanding achievements and innovation by Orange County and Inland Empire’s technology leaders”. Orange County has one of the most diverse technology environments in the nation with more than 600 biomedical and information technology companies, which employ close to 100,000 people.
One of the highlights of my evening was being able to enjoy dinner with Albert Wong, one of the co-founders of AST Research, which grew from ... Read the article
Author: Brian Vellmure Category: Posted: June 16, 2012 811 views _ Comments
The passionate vagabond just goes. He or she may have enough money for a flight, a few meals, and a couple of night’s accommodations. They don’t know exactly where they’re heading, the details of how they’re going to get there, but they’re fueled by a belief and a passion that blows the door off of any constraints and confinement. They have no choice but to go, and to keep going until they reach their goal. Serendipity, confidence, and charisma fuel the journey.
The purpose driven journeyman clearly defines their final destination, lays out the steps and calculates all expected costs along the way. They take account of the potential risk factors to be aware of, and is prepared for most ...  Read the article
Author: Bill Ives Category: Posted: June 14, 2012 2212 views _ Comments

So here we are at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston. I will be reporting on it on this blog over the next few days. I recently found an interesting related study. Asreported in AdWeek, the current order of customer interaction methods starts with face-to-face, followed by websites, channel partners, call centers, traditional media, advisory groups and finally, social media. However, this order may flip in a few years. During this time, according to an IBM survey of 1,709 CEOS from 64 countries and 18 industries, social media will leap to the number-two spot while traditional media plunges to the bottom.

Saul Berman, a partner in IBM’s global business services organization is quoted as saying, “It’s all part of this move towards openness, both with your customers, with your employees, your business partners, and engaging them all together in what I call this redefinition of the organization—more broadly defined.” It is social business of... Read the article
Author: Brian Vellmure Category: Posted: June 14, 2012 1672 views _ Comments
This post is on behalf of the CIO Collaboration Network and Avaya
During each interaction with a brand, organization, or institution, the person on the other end of the interaction has a perception of how things went. Over time, the accumulation of these touch points deepen the customer’s perception of the organization. These perceptions influence actions (to engage, to buy, to defect, to complain, to share the experience with others…). These actions and interactions establish the long term relational value between organizations and their customers.
For these reasons, a growing focus amongst companies of all sizes is being placed on enhancing customer experience. The argument is that in a world where the journey towards... Read the article
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Gran Canaria - Pozo de las Nieves (San Bartolomé de Tirajana)it’s been a long while since last time that I participated on a Blog Carnival, specially around the topic of Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Learning. In fact, I would think that there aren’t many out there anymore since most folks tend to spend the vast majority of their time in whatever the social networking site interacting with their network(s). So when I received an invitation a few days ago from my good friend Félix Escribano, over at adidas, where they are currently hosting one around those topics with a specific focus on Learning and how it’s helping redefine the workplace of the future, I just couldn’t help myself diving into it adding my two cents to the conversation. And if there is a topic dear to my heart around learning and education in general, specifically, in a ...  Read the article
Author: David Terrar Category: Posted: June 11, 2012 1248 views _ Comments
Over here we are anticipating this year's Cloud Computing World Forum in London, but over in the US Larry Ellison, Oracle's founder and CEO since 1977, has pivoted his position on the Cloud along with "crossing a line" to trash key competitors.  Elsewhere old guard software giants like IBM are mis-communicating the Cloud messages.  How does this help the the industry, the typical buyer in an SME, or the average CIO in a larger enterprise?  Actually this noise generated by the old guard of IT is significant in positioning the current status of the Cloud landscape, but what we really need is some clarity of vision on the Cloud topic from the big players rather than messaging crafted at protection of their existing customer base and revenue streams.

Last Wednesday Larry announced what the Oracle press release claimed as "the "industry’s broadest and most advanced Cloud strategy", although on  ... Read the article