• Brian Vellmure  

    For more than a decade, Brian Vellmure has been helping organizations increase profitability through customer focused initiatives. He is an accomplished business leader, management consultant, and award winning and syndicated blogger. He is often referred to as a Social CRM and Social Business thought leader & pioneer. Specializing in strategy, process improvement, & technology selection, Brian works with executive and senior management teams to create competitive advantage through leading sustainable and disruptive innovation initiatives. A specialist in enhancing customer experience, acquisition & retention efforts, he is a sought after speaker, writer, and guest contributor to several emerging media properties, and often acts as an expert advisor for software and technology vendors. During the mid to late 90’s, Brian served as a business analyst, project manager, and group consulting manager for an International firm leading several multi-national ERP implementations for mid-sized companies. In 2001, he focused his attention on the front office, selling and/or leading more than a dozen CRM, Web, and E-Commerce initiatives over the next 3 years. In addition, he’s led a division as Vice President of an equipment finance company, been the top sales executive for a major CRM Vendor, and as a consultant has regularly spearheaded value-creation initiatives for small, mid-sized, and multi-bilion dollar enterprises. Brian was a founding board member of International Princess Project (http://www.intlprincess.org), a non-profit organization that establishes self-sustaining business enterprises in partnership with indigenous organizations that provide for physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women formerly enslaved in prostitution, while actively advocating for women enslaved in prostitution around the world.

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  • Michael Fauscette  

    Michael Fauscette leads IDC’s Software Business Solutions Group which includes research and consulting in enterprise software applications, collaboration and social applications, software partner and alliances, open source, software vendor business models, cloud computing and software pricing and licensing. He also provides thought leadership in the area of social applications and the transition to the social business. With extensive executive experience with software vendors ranging from large enterprise companies to small Silicon Valley start ups, Mr. Fauscette brings a unique perspective by relating research data and trends to the overall strategic focus and go to market strategy of application software companies. Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Fauscette held senior consulting and services roles with seven software vendors including Autodesk, Inc., PeopleSoft, Inc. and MRO, Inc. Mr. Fauscette is a published author, blogger and accomplished public speaker on software, social business and software services strategies.

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  • Jacob Morgan  

    Principal of Chess Media Group, management consulting and strategic advisory on enterprise and consumer social and collaborative strategy and technology (Enterprise 2.0 & Social CRM). Author of Twittfaced, a social media 101 book for business. Working on a book for McGraw Hill on enterprise collaboration. World traveler, racquetball player, and chess lover!

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  • Esko Kilpi  

    Esko Kilpi is founder and principal in Esko Kilpi Oy, a leading research and consultancy firm working with the challenges of knowledge work and digital work environments. The organization is based in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to his work as an executive adviser Kilpi takes part in academic research and lectures on the topics of organizational learning, knowledge based view of the firm and interaction technologies as key enablers for knowledge based value creation in Nordic countries, Europe, Middle-East, Far-East and USA. He has published various articles on these subjects and is the co-author of a book on teams and process management (1996) and books on management challenges of the information age (2001, 2006). His teaching and research interests are about organizational contexts, where creative learning takes place and organizational dynamics for emergence of coherence and novelty. A large part of his work has concentrated on principles of organizational viability based on what can be learned from complexity sciences and theories of complex adaptive systems. At the moment Kilpi's work has focused on open source principles and social software implementations in organizational contexts. Kilpi has been a member of the advisory board of the World Bank on Knowledge Management. He has also been a member of the expert think tank on Knowledge Management for the European Union.

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  • Ross Dawson  

    Ross Dawson is globally recognised as a leading futurist, entrepreneur, inspirational keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and author. He works with senior executives of leading organizations worldwide to help them seize opportunities in the hyper-connected economy. His latest book, Getting Results from Crowds, is due out November 2011. Ross is author of Implementing Enterprise 2.0, the prescient Living Networks, which anticipated the social network revolution, and the Amazon.com bestseller Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships. He is based in Sydney and San Francisco with his wife jewellery designer Victoria Buckley and two beautiful young daughters.

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  • Harold Jarche  

    Harold Jarche passionately believes in the re-integration of work and learning. People have connected with Harold over the past decade, through his blog and consulting practices, for innovative ideas on business, technology, social networks and learning. He also distills heady topics like complexity theory into practical advice. Harold has saved clients time and money by focusing on business objectives and conducting cause analyses, instead of prescribing training as a solution looking for a problem. A graduate of the Royal Military College, Harold served over 20 years in the Canadian Army in leadership and training roles. Harold has held senior positions at the Centre for Learning Technologies and e-Com Inc. His preferred workplace is on his bike, where he gets his best ideas.

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  • Bill Ives  

    Bill has served for thirty years in leadership positions helping firms improve employee performance and make effective business use of emerging technologies. He worked in such areas as learning, competency assessment, knowledge management, and more recently, social media, around such topics as sales, customer service, and technology adoption. Bill has supported US Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, along with a number of leading European firms. Currently, Bill is the SVP of Marketing at Darwin Ecosystem where he helped the firm win a number of industry awards and gain significant market recognition in its first year. He manages the Darwin blog and Twitter efforts among other tasks. He wears several other hats including writing for two other blogs: The OutStart Knowledge Solutions Blog and the AppGap. He also provides consulting to clients on effective uses of social media. Bill is a frequent speaker and author on Web topics, especially business uses of social media, both inside and outside the enterprise. Prior to his current roles, Bill was in a leadership role in knowledge management at Accenture (1996-2004) and led the Knowledge Management/Portals Client Practice (2001-2004). He was responsible for numerous knowledge management and portal strategy and implementation engagements. A number of these won industry awards for innovation and effective knowledge sharing. He also led several large learning efforts and served as executive sponsor for the firm’s Plumtree, Epicentric, and Lotus alliances. At Renaissance Strategy Group (1993-1996) Bill developed knowledge management, performance support systems, and multi-media learning systems. At both Accenture and Renaissance, he developed and documented the firm’s first knowledge management methodology. At Spectrum Interactive (1981-1993) Bill developed performance support systems, multimedia learning systems, and instructor-led training, as well as competency assessments, organizational designs, and evaluation methods for many Fortune 100 companies. From 1976 to 1981 Bill conducted post-doctoral research at Harvard University on the effects of media on cognition. He received a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Toronto, an Ed. M. in Human Development from Harvard University, and a B.A. in Sociology from Tufts University. Bill has published over 100 articles on business uses of the web, knowledge management, learning, and psychology and he has presented at over 100 sessions at professional conferences including, American Psychological Association, American Society for Training and Development, Braintrust, Enterprise 2.0, KM World, Enterprise Search Summit, and Webcom. Bill writes the blog, Portals and KM, since May 2004. There are over 2,500 subscribers. It is syndicated through several services including Lexis Nexis Kindle, Blogburst, and others. You can reach him at bill.ives@darwineco.com

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  • Elizabeth Lupfer  

    Elizabeth is a globally recognized authority on applying social technologies to drive engagement, collaboration and productivity. She is an internet strategist with over 14 years of web technology experience, who successfully translates business needs into technical requirements to deliver best-in-class portals that resonate on a global level. She's the founder of The Social Workplace, a blog that was born out of her own passion for bridging business "needs" with employee "wants" and it has become a leading resource for insights, research and thought leadership on implementing social technologies within the enterprise. She's a writer and speaker on social intranets, performance management and reward and recognition, employee engagement, social business, social media policy, social authenticity and strengthening culture through social technologies

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  • Luis Suarez  

    Hi ! My name is Luis Suarez and I am a Knowledge Manager, Community Builder & Social Computing Evangelist in the IBM Software Group division. I have now been working for IBM for a bit over 11 years, the last 9 of those as a full time employee. Throughout all that time I have developed a passion for everything related to Knowledge Management (i.e. Learning & Knowledge, or Knowledge Sharing, whatever you would prefer to call it). That would include quite a few things that, as you may have noticed already, are part of the theme(s) I will be talking about here in my weblog: Collaboration (Specially remote collaboration), Expertise Location, Content Management, Communities and Community Building -whether we are talking about physical or virtual / online communities (Communities of Practice, of Interest, of Purpose, etc.), (e)Learning, Online Facilitation, Knowledge and Learning Tools, Social Computing, Social Networking, Social Software, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, etc. In short, almost everything that has got to do with knowledge sharing and collaboration. But with a twist.

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  • Jane Hart  

    Jane Hart has emerged as a premier advocate of the use of new technologies for learning, and performance. After recognizing the need, Jane has spent 25 years assisting organizations in coming to grips with technology and applying it to meet educational needs. Her website, Centre for Learning & Performance & Technologies is one of the most widely accessed sites in the learning space.

    more information Weblog: http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/blog/

  • Mark Fidelman  

    Columnist for Forbes, CEO for Evolve!, a Social Business consultancy. I am the author of Socialized! and creator of several viral business presentations - www.slideshare.net/fidelman - follow me on Twitter MarkFidelman or Circle me on Google+

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  • Greg Lowe  

    Greg constructively challenges the status quo to achieve real change in organizations. With a background in IT, communications and collaboration, Greg is passionate about making technology usable to make people's jobs easier and changing the way companies do business. He does this by demonstrating value through business cases and leading organizations to develop and support new behaviors. By working with leadership, he is able to to help them understand how and why to leverage social business systems within their enterprise to achieve better business outcomes and personal success.

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  • Harish Kotadia  

    Dr. Harish Kotadia has about ten years’ work experience as a hands-on CRM Program and Project Manager implementing CRM solutions for Fortune 500 clients in the US. He also has about five years’ work experience as a Research Executive in Marketing Research and Consulting industry working for leading MR organizations. Dr. Harish currently lives in Dallas, Texas, USA and works as Social CRM, CRM Consulting Lead for Infosys Technologies. Views and opinion expressed in this blog are his own.

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  • CV Harquail  

    I am an organizational strategist, consultant, change advocate, and organizational identity/reputation scholar with a PhD in leadership & organizations. I research, write, teach, consult with and advise organizations about the relationships between organizational identity, actions, and purpose.

    more information Weblog: http://authenticorganizations.com/

  • Dan Pontefract  

    Dan Pontefract is the Senior Director / Head of Learning & Collaboration at TELUS. He is responsible for the overarching strategy of Learning 2.0 at the company; the shift to a social, informal and formal culture, learning and collaboration model for all 35,000+ team members. In addition to these actions, Dan is chair of the TELUS 2.0 Adoption Council; a cross-functional group of leaders aimed to help drive a culture of collaboration and engagement across the organization. He is uniquely skilled to ensure an organization can shift their culture to one that is more inclusive, open, connected and collaborative - through employees, partners and customers.

    more information Weblog: http://www.danpontefract.com/