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Speed Kills. These words are most often attributed to the late, great owner of the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis. The game of football has evolved over the past 50 years to embrace this reality. In the 50s and 60s, football was a gladiator sport; full of grinding and pounding. Players were big and bulky. Many… Read More»

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Welcome to Major League Baseball’s Opening Day 2014! You don’t care, but I root for two teams: The Dodgers, and the Angels (except when they’re playing the Dodgers). There are not too many baseball related things better than Vin Scully’s (now broadcasting for his 64th year!) silky smooth voice, sharing from a well of legendary… Read More»

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The cabbie welcomed me and we started on our way to Dulles. The snow had been falling for hours, and his impression was that people would be trying to beat the weather. I was indeed leaving a bit early to make sure to catch my flight back to the West Coast. The email I received… Read More»

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When Kara Swisher broke the story last month, it seemed implausible, and perhaps even ridiculous to many at first. I theorized shortly thereafter why it might make sense for Lithium Technologies, known primarily as a customer community vendor, to acquire Klout, often considered both “the standard” and that laughing stock of online “influence”. This brief… Read More»

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Wearables. Augmented reality. Robotics. Artificial Intelligence. Predictive Analytics. Deep Learning. Genome mapping. The growth of technological progress is outpacing our ability to keep up. Over the last few decades, we’ve witnessed the dynamics of Moore’s Law extend beyond microprocessors to storage costs, biotech applications, human genome processing, and just about anywhere ... Read the article

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Spread out across downtown Atlanta, in the blustery shadows of CNN World Headquarters, Microsoft Convergence 2104 took place last week. For those unaware, Convergence is the conference where the Microsoft Dynamics customer and partner communities get together to learn, share, and network. This year’s event, held at the Georgia World Congress Center, and Phillips Arena,… Read ... Read the article

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Storify by Brian Vellmure Fri, Feb 14 2014 16:36:50 This week’s best content: February 10 through 14, 2014 This week brought us some good thoughts by Brandon Horowitz on why mission driven organizations outperform, Fast Companies’ "Most Innovative Companies in 2014", and some thoughts on why Lithium acquiring Klout might possibly make sense. Add to… Read More»

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Earlier this week, I had a conversation with several members of one the world’s most recognizable technology companies. During the conversation, I mentioned Klout, Little Bird, and Lithium, among several other companies doing interesting things on the fringes of mainstream corporate technology adoption. Why? Because the topics of influence and community and digital networks are… ... Read the article

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The digitization of everything is disrupting marketing and changing the face of commerce. Organizations are having to change the way they operate, and that’s causing roles in the C-suite to evolve.

The digitization of everything is doing three primary things:

  • Increasing the speed and access for everyone to find and interact with relevant people, information, and products/services.
  • Creating a fast-paced, never-ending game of “survival of the fittest” among corporations.
  • Moving more of the customer journey into digital channels.

These three factors are forcing organizations to focus on being found among an ever growing sea of competitors – and also on responding in context to their audience with something that resonates..

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Hello and a happy Friday to you. Please find the best articles from the past week. Please feel free to share and comment. To your success, Brian Storify by Brian Vellmure Fri, Jan 24 2014 12:14:02 This weeks best – Jan 19 thru 24 Hello and a happy Friday to you. Please find the best… Read More»

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