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The Super Bowl not only brought together the two best teams in the NFL but also paired some unlikely brands together to share the spotlight in ads. What was the impact of these co-branding efforts?  According to our Brand Tracker, there was little if no impact on consumer perception related to co-branded ads.  Of course, there were some general references made to the collaboration but overwhelmingly the conversation judged an ad in its entirety. So, if an ad was perceived as overall uninspiring, like the GE campaign, then the placement of Budweiser products in the commercial did little to improve that perception. ... Read the article
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Can  analyzing social media conversations lead to a better understanding of your competitive market?

By now, most organizations have realized the value of monitoring and analyzing their social customer to provide early indications of possible business outcomessurface insights into consumer preferences and the impact of outreach efforts or campaigns. But solely analyzing the social network specifically around your business does not provide enough perspective on how your brand is performing relative to your competition. And what better way to understand the competitive market than by looking to your social customer for unfettered, unsolicited feedback. Categorizing conversations by... Read the article
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Normally, I steer clear of defining terms, primarily because of the term “exceptions”. There are exceptions to every rule so I don’t know that it helps to be too dogmatic. Here at CI, we spend a fair bit of time talking about data: enterprise and social, structured or unstructured that it occurred to us, “Hey, does anyone else know what we’re talking about?” So, I thought it might be worth spending a little time defining what we mean when we talk about unstructured text or enterprise data.

Many companies are awash, overwhelmed and inundated with data. The number of data sources is only equaled by the variety; from chat transcripts, to email, to Facebook and Twitter, organizations and individuals may be producing ... Read the article
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For many people or organizations new to social media, sentiment seems like a good place to start an analytics approach. Questions, like:

  • do our customers like us?
  • do they like our product or service?

appear to be relevant and important questions. Who doesn’t think that knowing if your customers and partners like you is important? Unfortunately, sentiment out of context does not give you the actionable business insights your organization can use to improve your products or services, engage with consumers on a particular issue or narrow down what customers...

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