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Post image for Do you feel the future?Eric Schmidt’s speech in the Mobile World Congress 2012 inspired me to think for a second what it means that we have the chance to communicate, share and read information online. Due to the fact that the infrastructure around us is as well developed as it is and we can afford to buy a lap top or a mobile phone, in most cases the both, we represent the group of the people that are hyper connected.

There are 7 billion people in the world and about a little more than 2 billion of them have an online access. The latest newsspread around the globe in a matter of seconds and the latest information ...
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Post image for Collaboration IS Enterprise Architecture on a smaller scale

Why is it so hard to implement a successful collaboration program and quickly gain results?Why are so many companies still lacking a holistic  Unified Communication and Collaboration strategy, even though the world is changing, even though we know so many success stories (public ones) and even though their worst competitor might be already doing so? These are some questions I receive when the people I talk with challenge me regarding collaboration and digital workplace design. These are good questions and sometimes even hard to answer, to be honest. I do not know exactly and neither does anyone else on the planet might be closest to the...

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To get collaboration right you need to do much more than just implement an IT solution whether it is enterprise wide document sharing platform, instant messaging solution or business video environment. Collaboration is a strategic initiative. Strategic is exactly what Procter & Gamble has realized and we’ll talk about that later in this post. There should be a direct link between enterprise collaboration strategy and the existing business strategy. The link can be found after a thorough evaluation of  the 1. business architecture (strategy and operational processes) along with...
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After looking at the way people work, I realized that Collaboration always begins with a search that is performed by a person looking for help or providing it. Collaboration takes place when people from different units work together on a common task. In all cases collaboration involves people – the collaborators. At all times by streamlining our collaborative processes, we impact our company’s bottom line, through innovation, efficiency and better customer service. ...

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Social media is playing an ever increasing role as part of the enterprise collaboration strategy. To include social media as part of their strategy organizations need to:

Understand the social universe

To understand the organization’s relation to social media requires understanding the social media universe at least on a high level. This easier said than done, since the social media universe is changing, growing and learning fast. Enterprises should get involved now.

Here’s a tool by Brian Solis and Jess3 to help with the first step... 

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