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Facebook has over 850 million users worldwide. Out of that, a total of 194 million users are from Asia at the end of March 2012. Most of these users from the Southeast Asia region – 97 million or 54% of the total Facebook users in Asia. Some other observations on the latest Facebook in Asia statistics:

  1. In early February 2012, Indiasurpassed Indonesia to become Facebook No. 1 Nation in Asia. Back in January 2011, India has16.9 million Facebook users. Now, the country has over 45.9 million Facebook users.
  2. In addition to India, Japan has been growing impressively in the past 1 year or so. Japan started the year 2011 with 1.8 million Facebook users. Today, there are over 8 million users in Japan.
  3. South Korea has been growing with double digits figure. The country is now ahead of Pakistan in the Facebook in Asia list. ...
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In 2011, Facebook added 69 million new Asian users in 2011. The social networking giant with $100 billionvaluation started 2011 with 112 million Asian users and ended the year with 181 million users.

However, its quarterly growth has been sliding steadily in 2011, from 17% in Quarter 1 to 8% in Quarter 4. In Quarter 4 2010, it was growing at 21%.

2010 was the year when Facebook went on hyper-drive growth on users acquisition front in Asia. However, 2011 was the year when Facebook downshifted a gear or two. The decline is expected to continue as many Asian nations are reaching saturation level....  Read the article
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Twitter fairly captured the essence of 2011. Below is a list of top 16 events tweeted this year, ranked by tweets per second (TPS). TPS as a yardstick to measure the intensity of reaction by Twitter users and thus, signifies the level of significance of an event.

Only five events in the list were dominantly US-centric, namely Troy Davis execution, NBA Finals, East Coast Earthquake, Home Run Derby, and Superbowl. The others have more global appeals. Yet another indication of growing internationalization of Twitter.

RankEventsTweets Per SecondWhen
Most Tweeted in 2011
1 MTV Video Music Awards 8,868 August 28
2 Troy Davis executed 7,671 September 20
3 End of FIFA Women’s World Cup 7,196 July 17
4 Brazil eliminated from the Copa America 7,166 July 17
5 Steve Jobs resigns 7,064 August 25
6 New Year 6,939 January 1
7 BET Awards 6,436 June 27
8 UEFA Champions League 6,303 May 28
9 Steve Jobs passes away 6,049 October 6
10 NBA Finals 5,531 June 13
11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami 5,530 March 11
12 East Coast earthquake 5,449 August 23
13 Raid on Osama bin Laden 5,106 May 2
14 Home Run Derby 4,995 July 11
15 Superbowl 4,064 February 6
16 UK Royal Wedding 3,966 April 29

Source: Twitter’s 2011 Year in review

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Facebook now has over 800 million users worldwide, with 168 million from Asia. In Quarter 3 this year, Facebook added 16.8 million new users in Asia (compared to 19.5 million in Quarter 2 2011). So far this year, the social network has added some 56 million new users; it started the year with 111 million Asian users. Its latest quarter-on-quarter growth rate is 11%. However, the rate ... Read the article