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“Crazy, crazy, these people are crazy. South By Southwest is crazy. A crazy, crazy conference made crazy, by crazy people.” That line still sticks because of the eight crazies. It was yelled across the room by an important sports agent, an uptight, uptight, uptight woman. A tight-lipped, tiger-tongued diva with black, square rimmed glasses.

She was reacting to the carnival of attractions courtesy of all the clever advertising agencies with their clever ideas and clever means of displaying them. Nothing was left unbranded, nothing untouched, nothing sacred.

For her, South By SouthWest (SXSW) is the physical manifestation of everything we dislike online. Intrusive banner ads, unwanted content spam and too often finding the wrong information from the wrong people in the wrong venue.

While I disagreed with her SXSW musings (it’s part of the charm), we did find common ground on how marketers are marketing online. It needs to change.

This was the first year for the Sports Marketing track at SXSW (called SXsports) and so I managed to quickly deduce that it was her first year at the event. Home base for the track was laid out in a small, thirty by twenty foot room in a shadowy corner of the Driskill Hotel. The room was small, but the ideas were big. She was there to learn about the new changes afoot in her industry, so I told her what I knew.

This is what I shared with her:.. Read the article
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“The greatest form of philanthropy is an investment in an entrepreneur”

I first heard of Tiger 21 during a conversation with Miami Chapter Chair Charlie Garcia about the future of social networking and influence. This was no ordinary group, with an average net worth of $75 Million the 220 strong membership has the purchasing power of a small country.

So when I attended my first Tiger 21 meeting in Miami (there are 12 locations around North America), I was expecting a group of Gordon Geckos but instead met a bunch of good natured, fun, regular people – a mix you’d find in any social situation. And from what I observed, their unofficial motto seems to be: “Don’t confuse wealth with success. An inherited fortune is one; Elon Musk is the other.” One thing was different however, each had the stoic look of money, not the I’m better than you look, but the comfortable look of a wealth steward..... Read the article
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Most technology companies don’t often get the chance to regain a market category lead after being swept aside by not one but two technology giants. In most cases after losing the lead, the company either pivots to a new category or goes out of business. Some companies hit the reset button and make that difficult decision to start over and battle back to regain the relevancy they once had. The latter description, as you probably suspect, aptly portrays Microsoft and Nokia, whose comeback story has all but been written down as a loss.

But Wall Street and several technology pundits are saying, “not so fast”. Microsoft’s stock is up 47% over the past 12 months and both European and U.S. regulators have cleared the way for its purchase of Nokia. In fact if you look at the numbers, the Windows Phone is the fastest growing smartphone platform, it’s the 2nd most used OS in Latin America and India, it grew 48% year over year (YoY) in EMEA and enjoyed a 366% increase YoY for Nokia Lumia sales in the United States. ... Read the article
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My congratulations and condolences to the nation’s CIOs for being responsible for data security. There’s now more job security but now there’s less information security too. Because, according to a new survey from uSamp, 41% of workers used an unsanctioned cloud service for document storage in the last 6 months, despite the fact that 87% of these workers knew their company had policies forbidding such practices.

Welcome to the mobile workplace. It’s less secure and loaded with risk.

And, according to the research, the estimated annual cost to remedy the data loss is about $1.8 billion. So what’s a CIO to do? On the one hand, it’s her job to help employees remain productive, but it’s also her job to secure the company’s confidential information.


So I asked 6 IT experts about their take on the matter, here are their suggestions:

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imageMastering Twitter can be tricky and most organizations are playing defense. They are playing an intense game without rules, where new players can arrive on the scene at any time, and where one mistake can set the organization back for months. But those that have mastered Twitter are creating extraordinary opportunities for their organizations and they include such juggernauts as Walt Disney, ESPN, NBA, MTV and NASA.

These companies and the 25 others listed below understand the power of engagement. In order to find them, Nestivity (Twitter communities) asked InfiniGraph Co-founder Chase McMichael and Dr. Natalie Petouhoff to conduct the research, “The 30 day analysis is based on the InfiniGraph Engagement Analysis Platform, which compared the average number of re tweets (RT) per post from February 2nd to March 5th 2013, using proprietary algorithms for determining Twitter responses, content trend scores and clicks on links and other content,” McMichael told us.

But high engagement isn’t limited to the big companies.

Number 1 on the list @Notebook is owned by Branden Hampton of the Influential Media Group. Hampton serves as a sort of Zen master for brands that want high Twitter engagement. While most companies are struggling to create any sort of meaningful engagement on Twitter, Hampton has Twitter profiles that are outcompeting large brands with millions of customers. “Because we understand how to create engagement in our niche categories, we have a fitness page, that’s more engaged than Nike,” Hampton told me.

For me, in speaking to 10 of the top 25, I’ve concluded that in order to create and maintain high engagement is the ability to emotionally connect with your audience and to convey your industry’s message and not your own...  Read the article
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imageIn an article I wrote last year titled “Why Every Company Needs to be More Like IBM and Less Like Apple”, I compared the cultures of both companies and how over the past 25 years they had flipped: “Today’s Big Blue is the antithesis of Big Brother. It’s ‘Big Open’. A transparent, nimble, collaborative organization known more for listening and engaging customers than for dictating to them. While ironically, some say Apple now resembles Big Brother given their propensity for tight controls.”

That article and the number of follow on pieces written to support and rebuke my argument stirred up a heated debate that continues... Read the article
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Don’t believe the world’s businesses are going social?  Take this recent declaration from CapGemini’s Managing Director, Global Head of Practices, Didier Bonnet when discussing Social Business with me: “We’ve actually repositioned the entire practice around digital transformation. So for us it’s not just changing one service offering; it’s our entire focus globally for our teams to deliver and to sell.” He came to that crucial decision after MIT and CapGemini interviewed over 160 executives throughout Asia, Europe and North America and discovered that businesses are digitizing. ... Read the article
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eBay’s going social. Its protagonists are building the next generation social platform called the HUB, to increase employee engagement, collaboration and effectiveness. It is instructive to follow the evolution of their strategy in response to the growing chorus of eBay employees who were demanding social tools, or had already snuck them in.

On first impression, Ramin Mobasseri eBay’s Enterprise Portals Solutions Manager and Maarten Sundman a SharePoint Architect and Developer appear to be an unlikely team. Both men speak in different languages: Mobasseri ‘business’ and Sundman ‘tech’. Yet both were...

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H.R. 2930 appears to be just another US Congressional Bill winding its way through the system. Yet I can imagine most Professional Angel Investors recognize (or should) the bill and its potential impact on their livelihood.  The House has already passed it with a 95% majority. It’s now on to the Senate and possibly the White House.

If the bill passes (watch the latest Congressional Bill Progress), you can say good bye to the Professional Angel Investment Community as we know it today. ...

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The Performance Marketing industry has come under fire for a series of incidents that have tarred the industry.  An important industry that can make or break your company.  The community has a range of people from the slick evangelist to the online marketing champion.  Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish who is who.

According to the Performance Marketing Industry, “In performance marketing, advertisers and marketers only pay for successful transactions. Each transaction is based on a consumer taking a defined action, such as making a purchase from the advertiser or signing up for a subscription. The trackability of performance marketing... Read the article