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Dear Deb:

What is the best way to fit in with co-workers at a new company?  I start my first job next week and I am kind of shy and feeling really anxious.  I will be on a team of six contract analysts and we will work in a bull pen setting.  The company has 53 employees total.  When I interviewed, the HR Manager said almost everyone eats in the break room for a 50-minute lunch, except Friday when we’re given a 90-minute break and most go out.


Dear Henry:

You sound like a thoughtful man.  As a contract analyst, I imagine that you are very detail-oriented and conscientious.  Those are very fine qualities for a friend and co-worker.  That’s a very good start.  The secret is to relax and not to try too hard.  You can’t force sincere relationships. They must unfold naturally.  Smile, listen, and make good eye contact.  When you pass people in the halls in the morning, give a cheery hello.  When people help you, remember to say, “thank you.”

If there are any bowling leagues, charity walks, or other happenings outside the office, sign up.  That’s a great way to meet people in other departments. 

Chances are you will be partnered with someone to mentor and train you. That person may not be your first friend, but they can help you fold in with the rest of the team.  Good luck, Henry!  You’ll be fine.  Write me again and let me know how it goes.



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