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Last week I wrote about the importance of creating exceptional experiences and the competitive advantage this creates.

I received several questions inquiring why creating exceptional experiences is so important today.

As I have mentioned, in order to create exceptional customer experiences, an organization first must create consistent exceptional employee experiences.

During this week I am going to write about many of the reasons I think exceptional experiences are the key to both employee loyalty and customer loyalty.

Certainly one of the most important reasons is that no person, no department and no organization wants to face being commoditized. Basically, having the customer say, “I can get what you provide from anybody, anytime, and thus, will buy on price.”

Think about it. Ten years ago did you think you could buy virtually any product from your mobile device and comparison shop? Did you think there would be,,

We are moving into an age where robotics and automation are going to replace many of the front line production roles.

The real competitive opportunity is both for individuals and organizations to use their competence and commitment (employee engagement) to create unique and memorable experiences.

Experiences that the customers will stay for, and pay for.

Peter Psichogios is the President of CSI International Performance Group whose mission is to help companies create engaging employee and customer experiences.Prior to joining CSI International Peter Psichogios served as an executive member of one of the largest Instructional System Association companies in the world. In this capacity, he led all the front-end analysis and worked directly with Dr. Ken Blanchard, leading the large-scale E -Learning and employee engagement initiatives. Peter has been fortunate to work with the who's who of the Fortune 500 and many of the world's fastest growing companies, helping them deliver innovative learning, engagement and recognition solutions.

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