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This morning, Mary Meeker and Liang Wu of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers released and presented the 2013 version of the always insightful Internet Trends report.

Key takeaways:

- China and India are far ahead in most added users to the internet over the past 5 years
- China far in excess of USA internet users (564 million vs. 244 million) 2012
- China iOS + Android users surpassed USA in Q1 2013
- Mobile continuing to grow fast – largely untapped advertising market
- iOS, Android, MS controlled 5% mobile global OS market in 2005. 88% share in 2012
- Content sharing still growing exponentially
- Mobile growth ramping fast, tablets ramping up faster, wearable computing growth launching
- Typical smartphone users check phone ~150 times/day
- 60% of top 25 Tech companies founded by 1st & 2nd generation Americans
- Significant skills shortage in computer science / STEM degrees over the next decade
- Industries being re-imagined: Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation, Content, Design, etc. (Everything!)

The entire 117 slide deck is below:

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