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Emotional contagion is a fact of life. It means that our moods and even physical health are created in interaction with other people. We tilt either to the positive or tilt to the negative as a result of our relations, and the further relations, the people that we relate with have. It is a chain of contagion that goes far beyond the horizon. This is why we can no longer see our minds as independent and separate but as thoroughly social. Our mental life is co-created in a larger and larger interconnected network. What we have called the individual mind is something that arises continuously in relationships between people.

Our social interactions also play a role in shaping our brain. We know now that repeated experiences sculpt the synaptic connections and rewire our brain. Accordingly, our relationships gradually frame the neural circuitry. Being chronically depressed by others or being emotionally nourished and enriched has lifelong impacts.

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Big Data Analytics is a hot topic of discussion these days. But many feel that it is more of a “hype” and less of substance. In my opinion, Big Data Analytics is the real deal and if used correctly, can deliver great business results at a fraction of cost compared to other alternatives.

Here’s a simple yet very effective example of using analytics for understanding consumer attitudes towards airlines in real time. In this study, Jeffrey Breen has used the R programming language to analyze consumer sentiments about major U.S. airlines expressed on Twitter. For more on the methodology and results, see... Read the article
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A short follow up on my latest post 'Do you speak data  – Two years ago Google's Chief Economist, Hal Varian said…

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Big Data Analytics is making big headlines these days. Just check out a few from recent past:

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Can  analyzing social media conversations lead to a better understanding of your competitive market?

By now, most organizations have realized the value of monitoring and analyzing their social customer to provide early indications of possible business outcomessurface insights into consumer preferences and the impact of outreach efforts or campaigns. But solely analyzing the social network specifically around your business does not provide enough perspective on how your brand is performing relative to your competition. And what better way to understand the competitive market than by looking to your social customer for unfettered, unsolicited feedback. Categorizing conversations by... Read the article
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It started with a simple challenge: if I were to draw a big circle around the things I find interesting enough to follow and declare them to be one thing, how would I label it? To avoid flying completely off into pointless musing, assume that it's relevant professionally. Considering that the circle included social media, analytics, intelligence, geopolitics, and natural disasters—to pick a few—the label wasn't obvious. By declaring them to be one thing, though, it soon became clear that the theme was the importance—the value—ofknowledge.

The label was Omniscience.

"That's pretty ambitious."

Yes, I'm aware of the definition of omniscience, and no, I'm not suggesting that I know everything or ever will. But among the... Read the article
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Endeca recently announced the results of a survey that explores the changing business intelligence analytics requirements. The survey polled 228 marketers at U.S. organizations with an eCommerce presence. The demographics indicated that 56% of the respondents came from B2C retail shops, 27% came from B2B Distributors, and the remaining 17% spanned Manufacturing, Financial Services, Education, and Media organizations. The survey found that while it is more important than ever to tap into social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to understand evolving customer behavior and forge new revenue streams, marketers are overwhelmed with the growing number of data sources that need to be measured and analyzed.

Combined with the rise of information overload from the volumes of unstructured data coming from the leading social media sites, it is not surprising that... Read the article
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House on silosIn a finite world, individuals specialize, but organizations don't have the same limitations. Given enough specialists, you can do it all. The challenge is in managing them. Somebody has to get on top of all these silos.

In my ten-minute pretend-keynote at last year's Defragconference, I asked people to look beyond the existing silos of data and analytics to consider what more we could do. I challenged them with this simple idea:

Analytics + Intelligence –> Strategic Value of Information
What I'm doing is applying and not or to analytics and intelligence. Applying math when that works and finding facts when that works. Around here, the starting point for data is... Read the article