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Author: David Terrar
Posted: June 11, 2012 1247 views _ Comments
Over here we are anticipating this year's Cloud Computing World Forum in London, but over in the US Larry Ellison, Oracle's founder and CEO since 1977, has pivoted his position on the Cloud along with "crossing a line" to trash key competitors.  Elsewhere old guard software giants like IBM are mis-communicating the Cloud messages.  How does this help the the industry, the typical buyer in an SME, or the average CIO in a larger enterprise?  Actually this noise generated by the old guard of IT is significant in positioning the current status of the Cloud landscape, but what we really need is some clarity of vision on the Cloud topic from the big players rather than messaging crafted at protection of their existing customer base and revenue streams.

Last Wednesday Larry announced what the Oracle press release claimed as "the "industry’s broadest and most advanced Cloud strategy", although on  ... Read the article
Author: Michael Fauscette
Posted: May 21, 2012 812 views _ Comments

I spent the past week in San Francisco attending Netsuite's annual user conference, SuiteWorld. As with most software conferences there was the usual barrage of announcements including new features, new partners and refined strategies. Of course SAP also held its Sapphire conference at the same time, so you may have had a hard time making it through all the announcement noise to see what was important from Netsuite (I'll leave the SAP Sapphire commentary at this point to my colleagues).

In the Cloud ERP arena Netsuite, the first full SaaS ERP system, continues to raise the competitive bar and deliver key functionality to its rapidly growing customer base. Last year at its first SuiteWorld conference Netsuite articulated a strategy that focused on several vertical variants and... Read the article
Author: Michael Fauscette
Posted: April 23, 2012 845 views _ Comments
It's a statement that I hear often lately, as more traditional software vendors start to invest in cloud computing, that they're "late to the cloud". Of course many of those who are saying it are "pure play" SaaS vendors that are no doubt starting to feel some competitive pressure as more vendors start selling SaaS applications. I also hear it from colleagues and I suppose that it is a true statement of fact but to me there's a little more to the story than that. I think the bigger question might be whether being late to the cloud is "bad".

The general perception is that being early to market with a product gives the vendor first mover advantage and lets them capture market share and mind share before any competitors get into the game. There's certainly a lot of ... Read the article
Author: Keith Swenson
Posted: March 15, 2012 1631 views _ Comments

Want users to use your cloud-based web site?  Follow these guidelines, so that users can sign up easily and use it.  Sadly, there are soooo many ways that web sites can do this wrong.  The result is a bewildering variety of inconsistent and sometimes incomprehensible mechanisms that unnecessarily annoy the very users you are trying to attract. Heed these guidelines carefully!

As a technology analyst my job requires me to sign up for and access hundreds of different web based applications, most of them cloud based.  Those that perform right are a pleasure.  Most, however violate one or more of these guidelines.  As far as I can tell, this comes from a failure to think through all the consequences of the design.  After a particularly egregious example this morning I compiled this “Bill of Rights” that a user should enjoy in order to...

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Author: David Terrar Posted: March 12, 2012 998 views _ Comments
One of the big issues for a buyer today considering Cloud Computing is how do you choose a good Cloud provider from a bad one?  Who do you trust?  Maybe the Cloud Topic needs some standards?  Well actually there are so many standards bodies and vendor groups that the picture is confused - something that I try to demystify with my companyand with the various cloud groups that I'm involved with.  If you type "cloud standards" in to Google, you'll find an alphabet soup of acronyms, and even the first entry in the list - a "Wiki site for Cloud Standards Coordination" - initially looks promising, but doesn't yet mention some of the key organizations that have something worthwhile to contribute ... Read the article
Author: Michael Fauscette Posted: March 05, 2012 951 views _ Comments
There's a lot of pressure for change in the world of enterprise software, and many would argue that it's much needed change. The growing availability of everything "as-a-service" is changing the way companies buy and consume software. In fact the Internet has impacted the way almost everything is distributed in some way. The more everything is connected the easier distribution becomes. Underneath this distribution shift though, several other things are also changing about the way software is being implemented or upgraded and the way it is being designed and built. I noticed a trend a few years ago,  just before the ... Read the article
Author: Michael Fauscette
Posted: October 25, 2011 1131 views _ Comments
This morning Oracle announced its intent to acquire RightNow Technologies, a SaaS customer service / CRM application vendor for $1.5B. The acquisition is positioned to expand Oracle's recently announced Public Cloud offering and signals a shift in focus for Oracle's acquisition strategy. Oracle's Public Cloud offering, up to this announcement, was presumed to be composed of existing Oracle products including Fusion Applications but clearly now, Oracle plans a more aggressive move into the SaaS apps space. This is consistent with Oracle's strategy which has, for the last 6+ years been based on an aggressive acquisition strategy, first in horizontal apps and lately in deep vertical apps, all aimed at building out the broadest set of capabilities in its apps portfolio. With the shift to a focus on cloud, validating the overall momentum that cloud apps have garnered in the enterprise over the last ... Read the article
Author: Michael Fauscette
Posted: October 11, 2011 1115 views _ Comments
It seems that everywhere you turn today you hear about software in the cloud. Considering all of the marketing you might begin to think that the cloud business model, or software as a service (SaaS) was the only way left to purchase software. Of course that's not the reality of the software world though. Certainly most, if not all new software companies that have launched over the last few years are leveraging the public cloud and the SaaS subscription based business model. But that's only a small fraction of all of the software that is available today. Even considering the high profile SaaS only companies like Salesforce.com and Netsuite, SaaS still only makes up less than 10% of the total dollars spend this year for enterprise software. (I should make a note here that comparing SaaS revenue to on premise revenue isn't the best metric to use for comparison, seats would be better but unfortunately... Read the article