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Author: Michael Fauscette
Posted: September 18, 2011 926 views _ Comments
Mobile is fast becoming one of the key ways that many employees choose to do work. Tablet computing devices are proving to be very flexible and functional for mobile workers and open up a much broader set of capabilities that could be accessed on the larger form factor. The limiting factor, at least from the enterprise use of mobile, is the software. Apps designed for smartphones have in many cases been severely limited in functionality, mostly because enterprise vendors were skeptical that the limited smartphone form factor could be used for the broader list of tasks that mobile workers wanted to accomplish. Smartphones are excellent for communication activities like email, IM, social networks, activity streams, etc., light web browsing and for some simple data entry / processing / approval activities like filing / approving time and expense records, but when it comes to "real" work, the screen size is very troublesome. Some great productivity tools are available like Evernote and iWork, but accessing true enterprise functionality on any mobile device, for the most part, isn't possible. The notable exception has been access enterprise resources through a virtualized mobile client like Citrix Receiver.
This trend is starting to reverse as more vendors build and launch mobile apps that allow full, or near full, enterprise capabilities utilizing the tablet form factor. To accomplish this we're seeing two distinct approaches, the native mobile app and the web based mobile app.  In my recent Dreamforce recap I talked about Salesforce.com's new web based... Read the article