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Author: Jacob Morgan Posted: February 20, 2012 925 views _ Comments

Last week I wrote an article on “designing for collaboration” and this got me thinking a lot about serendipity which is the unexpected occurrence of events in a beneficial way.  Within organizations this can be something such as an employee finding another employee to connect with to help on a project, ideas being shared which then turn into revenue generating or cost cutting projects, finding some piece of useful but perhaps unexpected information, and a host of other things.

This made me think that serendipity within the organization should be more than this unexpected “happy” thing we hope will happen.  Instead we should plan... Read the article
Author: Jane Hart Posted: February 17, 2012 1277 views _ Comments

OK, these skills are not actually “new” –  they’ve always been present – but perhaps they have not always been as visible as they should have been, as Oscar Berg explains in The collaboration pyramid (or iceberg). But  as businesses transform into social businesses, the social workplace is going to become more and more reliant on these skills.

I’ve been working with a number of organisations recently as they’ve been making the move “into social”, and one thing was clear, that “helping” their people didn’t require old-school training.  Of course, helping them how to use the technology could be partly approached in this way – but even that wasn’t quite.…

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