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Millennials in the Workplace, Are They Really That Scary?

                You’ve heard of millennials right? Those weird looking new people that are starting to enter our organizations? Countless articles have already been written about them but the tone seems to be one of “freaking out.” Millennials are being painted as these type of far-off aliens who are going to be inhabiting our world and changing everything. So, let me assure you that there is no need to panic. Yes, it’s true, millennials will be the majority of the workforce in the next few years and yes, this does mean introducing new attitudes…

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Learning and the KISS Principle

Our educational system is broken. This isn’t breaking news, of course, but what strikes me is that, while being more and more aware of the deep changes at work in our life, and of the necessity for the corporate world to adapt to the growing hyper-connected nature of our world, most “social business” discussions circle around ways to enhance operational mechanisms, and tend to ignore the real infrastructure these are built from. Can we really talk about trust, collaboration, or leadership, without considering seriously the social and psychological mold which conditions so many of our behaviors: education? From Socrates to…

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A Four Step Strategy to a Secure Mobile Enterprise

In a post on ReadWriteEnterprise, guest author Vijay Dheap, Mobile Security Strategist at IBM, outlines how organizations can effectively implement a mobile risk management strategy. Below is an exc erpt of the post, but for the full version please read: The Mobile Enterprise: 4 Steps To Keeping It Secure [Infographic] Security is a balancing act, especially when it comes to emerging technologies that promise to unlock massive business potential. Each new wave of change requires an enterprise to adapt its security posture, or risk being left behind – or exposed to unmanaged risk. Mobile is no different. Given the dynamic nature…

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Is Social Business Dead?

Recently I’ve found myself reading a number of articles and blog posts decrying the untimely demise of the social business movement. So what do you think, has social for business run its course and now we should just move on, because there’s “nothing to see here”? Have businesses given it a good go and, finding no value, are they abandoning their efforts? Okay, right up front here, let me say clearly, social for business is not only not dead, it’s thriving and delivering lots of value to businesses! In fact, I believe that the changes associated with social business are…

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Innovation, Complexity and Social Business – Part 1

Business Model Innovation as Wicked Problem This post is the first of a two-parts article on innovation and social business co-written with Ralph-Christian Ohr (@ralph_ohr) and cross-posted from We live in an age where emergent technologies continue to have massive effects on business and society. Rising complexity requires companies and economies to cope with increasingly interlocking systems. If we keep on considering systems in a traditional, isolated way, this would lead to a totally locked view of business. This new hyper-connected nature of information entails an unprecedented change in business and societal environments. One major consequence for companies is the imperative…

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Improving organizational communications

(Originally posted on Enterprise Strategies: To help social business emerge from hype to mainstream adoption, it is important to demystify how social business improves people’s jobs. One area that social business can benefit across a wide range of areas inside of companies is the Communications Plan. Today, communications plans have wide application across many areas of business: Projects Programs Change Management Marketing Organizational Change (re-orgs) Crisis Communications Product releases What is a communications plan? According to Hieran Publishing a communications plan contains the following: What you want to accomplish with your communications (your objectives), Ways in which those objectives can be accomplished (your…

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2012 Digital Workplace Trends Report

Every year since 2006 Jane McConnell releases her report on digital workplace trends which is quite an in-depth piece of work.  The most recent one clocking in at over 150 pages of information with online survey data from over 456 organizations around the world!  Her most recent report looks at both the consumer and employee use of social and collaborative technologies.  While it is quite comprehensive I will extract a few pieces of information which I found to be interesting. As you can see from the image below most organizations are still at the early stages of their enterprise collaboration initiatives….

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New Study: Only 10 Percent of Employees are Engaged

I don’t like reading things like this, I really don’t.  But today I came across a report released by Modern Survey which found that we have a lot of work to do around engaging our employees.  Modern Survey isn’t the first firm to report low engagement numbers, Gallup and Blessing White (along with others) have all found low engagement rates within our organizations.  The questions, approaches, methodology, and data that all of these firms get is different but the trend and overall findings remains the same.  I don’t think we realize how crucial employee engagement within our organizations really is. Modern Survey…

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The Twenty Success Factors of Collaboration

  I’ve been doing a lot of research for the book I’m working on for McGraw Hill.  A part of that research isn’t just understanding emergent collaboration as it exists today in the era of all these new tools but also understanding collaboration at its core.  So, I’ve been researching and reading a lot about collaboration prior to the development of any of these tools to understand more of the human dynamics behind collaboration.  I graduated with a dual B.A. from UCSC and one of those B.A’s was in psychology so naturally understanding collaboration is both fun and interesting for…

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Facebook in Asia (Quarter 1 2012): India Leads, Japan Continues to Surge

Facebook has over 850 million users worldwide. Out of that, a total of 194 million users are from Asia at the end of March 2012. Most of these users from the Southeast Asia region – 97 million or 54% of the total Facebook users in Asia. Some other observations on the latest Facebook in Asia statistics: In early February 2012, India surpassed Indonesia to become Facebook No. 1 Nation in Asia. Back in January 2011, India has 16.9 million Facebook users. Now, the country has over 45.9 million Facebook users. In addition to India, Japan has been growing impressively in the past 1 year or so. Japan started…

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