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Lean, Social Business and Schein’s 10 Dimensions of the The Learning Culture

This is a sequel of Edgar Schein Organizational Culture and Leadership review, focussing on the sole Chapter 20. In this chapter, the great man discuss Learning Culture and the Learning Leader. Schein shares Gary Hamel points of view regarding today’s market and economy : we have no idea what tomorrow’s world will be except that “It will be different, more complex more fast paced and more culturally diverse. This means that organizations, their leaders and all the rest of us will have to become perpetual learners.” Which somehow echoes what Mary Poppendieck said during Lean IT Summit 2011 : “In any industry nowadays, the fastest learner…

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What REALLY Matters Now? Beware of “Outlier Amplifiers”

Social Media, Big Data, Marketing Automation, and Mobile are the only things that matter now, and all the “cool kids” are heavily investing in gamification and customer experience initiatives. Of course none of the above are true, but if we are to believe the media around us, you’d think that if you’re not doing all or most of the above, you’re going out of business next year. It brings to mind the ridiculous valuations of the dot com bubble, or the real estate boom, or those that invested millions in CRM or ERP, only to see a negative return. Fueled by craze and…

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10 Easy Steps to Social Business, Steps 1-3 Infographic and roundup

If you have been following my series, 10 Easy Steps to Social Business, so far then hopefully you’ve gained an understanding of: Embedding social techniques into your business processes with some examples (more to come). The need for customization of your social business solution. Things to think about when preparing a Social Business Governance Plan. Many thanks for the kind feedback and comments I’ve received so far.  Steps 4 – 6 of the plan will be coming soon.  In the meantime let me keep you busy with my infographic which summarizes the first three steps:                        …

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Becoming a Social Business in 10 easy steps

I was lucky enough to attend the IBM Leadership Alliance conference last week in Boston.  This is an annual gathering of a large number of senior IBM execs, IBM Champions, key customers and a some hangers-on like me.  The entire event is covered by a non-disclosure agreement as the IBMers share their product plans and seek feedback on their plans from the audience. One session stuck out particularly for me.  It was Sandy Carter‘s presentation on becoming a social business.  Although the precise content of her presentation is under NDA I am allowed to discuss the 10 steps to becoming a…

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Improving organizational communications

(Originally posted on Enterprise Strategies: To help social business emerge from hype to mainstream adoption, it is important to demystify how social business improves people’s jobs. One area that social business can benefit across a wide range of areas inside of companies is the Communications Plan. Today, communications plans have wide application across many areas of business: Projects Programs Change Management Marketing Organizational Change (re-orgs) Crisis Communications Product releases What is a communications plan? According to Hieran Publishing a communications plan contains the following: What you want to accomplish with your communications (your objectives), Ways in which those objectives can be accomplished (your…

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12 features of supporting social collaboration in the workplace

I am often asked how to support social collaboration in the workplace. As I showed in my recent blog post, there are some big differences between learning in an e-business and learning in a social/collaborative business. So it is not just about adding new social approaches or social media into the training “blend”, supporting social collaboration is underpinned not only by new technologies but by a new mindset.  In other words, it means .. 1 – moving from a focus on organising and managing training (which includes e-learning and blended learning) FOR others, to helping  individuals and teams address their OWN performance problems….

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Enhancing the Productivity of an Evolving Workforce

Here is an article I wrote for Workforce Solutions Review, a well produced magazine from the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM).  It seems that there is some interest in Adaptive Case Management from a HR perspective — and for good reasons.  When I get the details of the publication issue I will include that here.  Meanwhile, this post outlines a vision for ACM and Human Resources & Management. Introduction In the past two years we have seen a dramatic increase in interest in a new approach for systems that support office workers.  Much of the focus for information technology deployment…

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2012 Digital Workplace Trends Report

Every year since 2006 Jane McConnell releases her report on digital workplace trends which is quite an in-depth piece of work.  The most recent one clocking in at over 150 pages of information with online survey data from over 456 organizations around the world!  Her most recent report looks at both the consumer and employee use of social and collaborative technologies.  While it is quite comprehensive I will extract a few pieces of information which I found to be interesting. As you can see from the image below most organizations are still at the early stages of their enterprise collaboration initiatives….

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State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part One

You may remember how in previous articles that I have put together over here in this blog I have mentioned how, lately, I am going through one of those stages, where instead of participating rather actively in a good number of various different social networking sites, I’m now more inclined towards plenty of reading and listening what’s happening out there, then do a bunch of more reading (books, articles, white papers, etc. etc.), followed by lots of additional self-reflection and learning on the sides from watching video clips, mainly of conference event recordings available on YouTube and, eventually, come back…

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