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Is Social Business Dead?

Recently I’ve found myself reading a number of articles and blog posts decrying the untimely demise of the social business movement. So what do you think, has social for business run its course and now we should just move on, because there’s “nothing to see here”? Have businesses given it a good go and, finding no value, are they abandoning their efforts? Okay, right up front here, let me say clearly, social for business is not only not dead, it’s thriving and delivering lots of value to businesses! In fact, I believe that the changes associated with social business are…

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Working Smarter: Organizing for diversity and complexity

I’ve been looking at ways to explain why social learning is so important for business today. It comes down to the fact that what we know and do inside our organizations is insufficient to address external complexity or to be innovative. In Leadership 2030, the Hay Group identifies six fairly obvious, but worth repeating, megatrends, all of which will require more innovative approaches to work: The balance of power is shifting to the East Climate change and scarcity of resources is a mounting problem The war for talent rages on Accommodating growing individualization, requiring more social workplaces Embracing people who are…

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